Mermaid bachelorette party Miami

Mermaid Bachelorette Party

How to throw an amazing mermaid bachelorette party

If you’ve found yourself on this page, then it is likely that you or your bestie has a very special day coming up! One of you has finally found the ONE and is ready to tie the knot. Weddings have many fun traditions that have been done for years. One such tradition is the bachelorette party. The bride and her bridesmaids get together for an extravagant party or night of fun. They can get pretty wild, but they can also be tame, yet fun-filled events. If you’re looking for a unique bachelorette party idea, have mermaid as the theme!

Mermaid party bachelorette miami

You can find all kinds of articles out there with fabulous bachelorette party ideas. Often you will see the idea of taking a class or workshop. One workshop that will put a magical spin on a bachelorette party is a mermaid class! Instead of hiring a stripper for a bachelorette party, consider hiring a mermaid! A mermaid can come out to your party with extra tails and teach you all how to swim as mermaids and have some free swim time to splash around and take pictures. 

This is an especially great idea if you have a pool! If you have a summer wedding then a mermaid themed bachelorette pool party is a recipe for success! Dive into marriage the mermaid way. You can likely host it at an aquatic center, a hotel pool, or if you or one of your friends has a pool it would be even better. You could even hold it at a beach!

Wherever you hold your party, there are certain things you want to plan to make it extra special, such as food, drinks, and decorations.

Here are some ideas for a unique mermaid bachelorette party.

Mermaid bachelorette tattoo swimsuit


Mermaid attire and matching mermaid tank tops for all bridesmaids

Having matching shirts is a fun way to bring everyone together, thank the bridesmaids for being a part of your wedding, and give them memorabilia to hold onto and look back on fondly.

Tank tops are cute and can easily be customized with sayings like “bride to be,” “mer-maid of honor,” and “bride’s mer-maid.” You can also get them made to have each bridesmaid’s name on them.

For a mermaidy touch, get shirts with mermaid tail designs, or seashells placed to look like a seashell bra. There are many options for tank tops with cute graphics and little sayings.

Mermaid bachelorette shirt top

It’s to have everyone wear matching or coordinating outfits. To go with the shirts you could also get some mermaid scale patterned leggings. Or have everyone dress up in mermaid tail skirts and be in full on mermaid garb.

The bride should have something extra special, like a crown. A mermaid crown with “Bride” on it is the perfect accessory to make her stand out as the VIP.

Mermaid bachelorette crown bride

Mermaid decor

What’s a party without decoration? Adding a nautically festive atmosphere to your party really makes it pop! That visual element always enhances the quality of a party because it feels good to be surrounded by fun decorations, especially with a theme like mermaid!

Mermaid party décor should involve mainly ocean colors like shades of blue, teal, white, and seafoam green. Some things to use for decorations include fishnet, shells, strands of fake pearls, anything sparkly, inflatable palm trees, balloons, sea glass, fake fish, and anything else you can think of that is ocean related.

Mermaid party balloon arch

Have a table with a pretty tablecloth, some fishnet draped over it and some little decorations like shells and pearls for a food and drink table.

Everything should be under the sea themed, so here is an idea for some hanging jellyfish decorations. 

Mermaid bachelorette decor

Try throwing a bubble machine into the mix for some extra mermaid magic.

Use strands of green streamers to make seaweed.

You’ll need some signs to indicate the occasion, so try making some posters or banners with fun sayings on them.

Other sayings:

“shellebration time!”
“Mermaid bride-to-be!”
“Last splash!”
“From tail to veil!”
“Mermaid to Mrs!”
“BEACHalorette party!” 

Mermaid bachelorette Last splash decoration


Flowers have always played an important role in weddings, so it’s not a bad idea to have some flowers present at your bachelorette party. I love this idea for decorating Mason jars to look mermaidy and putting flowers in them.

Mermaid bachelorette masson jar flower


For a pool party, or even just to use for seating, buy a giant inflatable clam, great for decoration, for sitting on, and for some amazing photos!

Mermaid party bachelorette inflatable

If the party is at night or will be going into the night, then candles and tealights are a wonderful idea for a lovely glowing atmosphere. Find or make some seashell lights and make your own candles using little glass bowls full of sand and shells. 

Mermaid food and drink

Food and drinks are essential to parties. Don’t let your guests go hungry or thirsty. That would put a damper on things. You certainly don’t want your bridesmaids to be unsatisfied. Please everyone with delicious snacks and cocktails. Bachelorette parties usually have alcoholic beverages, which can easily be made to match the mermaid theme.

Mermaid drinks wine


Mermaid food:

Seafood is a great option for dinner or appetizers. Get crab or lobster, lobster bisque, oysters, crab cakes, fish, and if you can afford it then caviar is a good party treat to feast like a mermaid!

Sushi is another popular dish among mermaids, considering it is typically made with seaweed and fish. A sushi platter will likely be a big hit! 

But not all mermaids eat seafood, some are herbivores, as I like to say. Make sure to have vegetarian options. 

Snacks and desserts

Octopus hotdogs- Make these adorable little octopus shaped hotdogs by cutting up one end of a hot dog and placing it so that it looks like it has tentacles. Use a toothpick to poke some holes for eyes.

Goldfish crackers- Have a bowl of goldfish crackers as a snack. They come in many colors and flavors, but I prefer the original or the rainbow ones.

Seaweed chips- They are much better than they sound! They come in many different salty flavors. They’re the perfect mermaid snack because they actually come from the sea!

Swedish fish- Have the fish shaped gummy candy in a glass fishbowl.

Clam cookies- Make sandwich cookies out of vanilla wafers with colored frosting inside and a pearl candy.         

Mermaid party food ideas


Cheese and crackers- Use cookie cutters to cut the cheese into different shapes, like starfish as shown in the picture. You could do any shape though, including shells and fish.

Dinglehopper cake pops- This treat pays homage to the Little Mermaid, specifically Scuttle the Seagull referring to a fork as a dinglehopper used for brushing hair.  Use shiny plastic forks as the popsicle stick for cake pops. Cake pops are made by crumbling up cake and mixing with frosting until it has a dough-like consistency. Roll the cake pop dough into balls and stick the fork into them. Then dip them into melted chocolate or candy melts. Top with edible pearls and sparkly colored sugar.

Seashell shaped chocolates- Use a shell shaped mold and melt some white chocolate and fill the mold. Refrigerate until solid, then serve. To make it look like they are sitting on a sandy bed, display them on a plate coated in crushed up graham crackers. These are also great toppers for cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and cake pops.

Sandy parfait- Crush up some graham crackers and add the to a little parfait glass, layering with frozen yogurt and berries.

Fruit salad- This is perfect because mermaids need plenty of water to survive and fruit is mainly water.

 Mermaid food decoration

Here are some tasty mermaid themed drinks:

Mermaid water- Make this gorgeous ocean colored and flavorful cocktail for your mermaid party. It incorporates many different tropical flavors and several kinds of rum. The perfect island getaway kind of drink to remind guests of the sea, while also looking gorgeous.

Bon & Viv hard seltzer- Hard seltzer has recently come into great popularity. Many brands are emerging and even beers are introducing their own version of hard seltzer. Bon & Viv is the perfect seltzer for a mermaid party because the logo is a mermaid.

Champagne- This is another good beverage to have on hand as it is typically used for wedding toasts. It is also tasty and bubbly, and the ocean has lots of bubbles in it!

Ocean jello shots- Make some margarita flavored jello shots, dye them blue, and add a little salt rim, because the ocean is salty and blue!

Mermaid drinks


Design and print out your own mermaid wine labels.

Of course, there should be non-alcoholic options as well. Colorful fruit punch, soda, lemonade, and iced tea are good options.  Be sure to have plenty of ice cold water because mermaid swimming is a good exercise so you’ll need to stay hydrated! For a nice touch add some cucumbers and lemons, which also makes it healthier!

Make some fun ice cubes by getting a special mold. Seashell shaped or fish shaped ice would be perfect for making your beverages stand out.

Party games

Games make a party ten times more fun! They are especially common for bachelorette parties. Guests will likely be more engaged in games if there are prizes. Here are some ideas for prizes:

  • Bath bomb
  • Mini bottles of wine
  • Moisturizers
  • Candles

Here are some games to play with the bridesmaids:

Pin the tail on the mermaid- Make a poster with the torso and head of a mermaid and have separate mermaid tails printed out for the bridesmaids to try to perfectly place on the mermaid while blindfolded.

Mermaid beer pong- Get some large clamshells instead of plastic cups (which are bad for the environment) and fill them with salt water. Use a ping pong ball as a “pearl” and set up the cups on a table. Six on each side of a table. You have to throw the “pearl” into the other person’s shell and when you make a shot the other person takes a drink and removes one of their shells. When someone’s shells are all gone, the other person wins.

Shellphone- This is a spoof of the telephone game, where you line up and one person whispers something into the ear of the person next to them and you go down the line, each person whispering the phrase to the next. At the end you have to see if the phrase that was said made it all the way to the end of the line or if it got lost in translation! This game wouldn’t have a winner, it would just be for fun.

Toilet paper mermaid- Girls get into teams and one person volunteers to be the mermaid, the others have to use toilet paper to make a mermaid costume on them. You wrap the toilet paper around their legs to make a mermaid tail. They can use only toilet paper and tape to make a tail, a top, and whatever else they desire. Best mermaid wins!

Mermaid race/obstacle course- Have participants wear mermaid tails in the pool and set up either a race or an obstacle course with hoops to go through and things to grab from the bottom. Whoever completes it the fastest is the winner!

Mermaid lesson

To top it all off, the main event could be a mermaid lesson! Fulfill childhood dreams of being a mermaid by bringing out an expert who will bring tails and show everyone how to swim in them, how to pose like a mermaid, and more. They’ll never forget a party like that. This makes for a great photoshoot with the gals so that they can always look back and remember how much fun they had. And who knows? Maybe some of them will fall in love with mermaiding and decide to get their own tail.

Mermaid bachelorette party


What to expect at an Aquamermaid bachelorette party lesson:

An instructor comes to your location, they provide mermaid tails. They give you a little lesson on how to swim as a mermaid, then you have free time to swim and play around in the tails. You can take pictures, play extra games, or just lounge in your tail.

The cost of a group lesson is $300 for five people, and $30 per extra person.

Here are some bachelorette party destinations where Aquamermaid schools are located:

Nashville bachelorette party- We offer activities at Vanderbilt University pool and Pearl Cohn high school pool, both about a 10 minute drive from the city center. If you are planning to book a hotel room, the Sheraton has a nice indoor pool. 

Vegas bachelorette party- Come to the municipal pool where we rent a private section for mermaids. This is a giant aquatic facility with over 10 lanes wide. Or book an Air B and B with a pool and we will send an instructor to your private pool. Importantly, take note that some big hotels do not allow mermaid tails in their pool even if you book a room, so make sure to inquire about this. 

Miami bachelorette party- We have a partnership to offer mermaid activities for the guests of Acqualina resort. But we can also go to any private pools. It can be at a condo complex, a pool in your backyard, an Air B and B rental, or any hotel pool where you stay.  We travel to the Miami, Hollywood, and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Scottsdale bachelorette party / Phoenix bachelorette party- We offer mermaid parties at the Hilton Tapatio Cliff Resort every weekend! We also travel to the pool private of your choice. 

Toronto bachelorette party- Our main pool is the  North Toronto memorial close to Yonge and Eglinton. It is a big 5 lane pool with a shallow and a deep 5 meters section. If you are planning to book a hotel room we suggest the Sheraton downtown. It is a half indoor half outdoor heated pool all year long. Or the Don Valley Parkway Hotel offers a breathtaking circular pool under a giant glass dome. 

Montreal bachelorette party- We offer mermaid parties at notre dame college high school. It is a 25 meters long pool indoor. During the summer we suggest the club de la cité gym is an outdoor rooftop pool. The day pass is $15 per day per person and you can enjoy the gym, jacuzzi and patio for the rest of the day. 

Austin bachelorette party- We suggest booking a room at the austin motel. It has a big outdoor pool. We can travel to Cedar Park. 

Chicago bachelorette party- We offer regular parties at the pool of the university of Illinois in Chicago. It is a large 4 lanes 25 meters pool. We also suggest to book a room at the Radisson aqua blue or the Aqua Blu Radisson Hotel or Hilton Garden Inn have nice pools. 

Pro tip: If you would like to rent a private pool by the hour here is a great website: 

Mermaid bachelorette party

Don’t plan a boring bachelorette party. Plan a mermaid one! Throw a party that no one will ever forget with these mermaid bachelorette party tips. Hope it turns out to be as fantastic and magical as the wedding itself!

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