We're the world's largest mermaid swimming school. Our mission is to make mermaid dreams come true and educate people about the sports discipline of mermaiding. With the help of our talented mermaid swimming coaches, thousands of people have been able to share our passion for mermaid swimming. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding customer service to all of our clients whether it's for discovery lessons, private parties, fitness membership, and entertainment events.

Aquamermaid was founded by CEO Marielle Chartier Hénault in 2015. Marielle is based in Montreal, Quebec where the first school was opened. In just a few years, we've expanded across Canada and the United States with over 10 locations! Check out our locations below.

AquaMermaid proudly operates in the United States and Canada. 


Mermaid swimming school


Aquamermaid is proud to be a part of the communities where we are located. We have participated in numerous fundraising events, getting involved in local charities and providing donations to worldwide leadership and support organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation & Starlight Children's Foundation. 

We believe in giving back to the community and helping out where we can. Our campaigns are aimed at supporting families, children, and teens in need. Mermaid events in the community are great opportunities for people to have fun while supporting great causes. 

We also support local communities of mermaid professionals by subsidizing pool rentals and organizing regular fun, safe and affordable meetups to network and practice their swimming skills. 


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