Professional Mermaid Certification

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4-weeks online course designed to help young women to learn how to perform as a mermaid so they can make money as an entertainer.

This is a training taught by Mermaid Marielle herself. She is an internationally famous mermaid performer and owner of the largest mermaid event company in the world!

What you will learn: 

  • Comprehensive knowledge about the mermaid performer industry, including its demands, opportunities, and challenges.
  • How to establish and market yourselves as professional mermaid performer, attracting bookings and building a brand.
  • Develop the necessary skills for engaging and enchanting performances during mermaid-themed events and parties.
  • How to make informed decisions about mermaid tail costumes, accessories, and other essential equipment.
  • Address and alleviate concerns about societal judgments while fostering a supportive community

Getting started. The Basics
- Where to Start
Creating and Presenting the Mermaid Persona
Practical Performance Techniques
- Requirements
- Photography techniques
- Swimming techniques
- Aquatic Skills
Performance skills
Entertainment skills: acting, singing, storytelling
- Mermaid tricks
Costuming and Equipment Guidance
Mermaid tail Costume
Mermaid suitcase preparation
Mastering the Mermaid Gig
Before the party
Day of the party
Do's and Don't's
Navigating Different Events
Kids mermaids party instructions
Kids pool party
Kids dry party
Adults events
- Aquarium performances
Business and Marketing Strategies
+ Bonus & assignments

    Details about the training

    • Tutorial videos you can watch at your own pace.
    • Email support from Marielle.
    • 1 individual coaching call with Mermaid Marielle (30 min). Scheduled upon request after the completion the training. (Value of $125)
    • Hands-on learning with assignments at each stage of the training. Embrace collaboration by sharing select assignments with a private mermaid group for constructive peer review, complemented by Marielle's feedback.
    • Access to a private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow students.
    • Supporting documents including: Party Playbook, Packing Checklist, Photo Guidelines, Music Playlist, and more…

    Bonus: After your certification you will have the opportunity to join Aquamermaid team of performers and get some real mermaid gigs.

    Tuition:  $497 USD *payment plans available

    Guarantee: Your success is my priority! Even after the course concludes, I won't disappear. I am dedicated to supporting you on your mermaid journey. Should you face any challenges post-course, rest assured, I can provide email support to guide you.

    Instructor bioI'm Marielle Chartier Henault, founder of Aquamermaid School. Just like you, I've experienced the challenges of diving into the world of mermaid performance. Certified in scuba and freediving, I've performed in aquariums, worked on TV shows, and conducted workshops globally. I have successfully managed and booked performers for over 400 mermaid gigs in the past year alone, spanning a diverse range of events. With a deep sense of empathy for your aspirations, I understand the unique joys and hurdles of becoming a mermaid. Let me be your trusted mentor, offering not just expertise but a real connection to your mermaid dreams. 

    How to enrol: You payment will confirm your registration. 

    More questions: - 1-866-279-2767 
    Join me in making waves – let's bring your mermaid dreams to life!

    Refund Policy: No refund
    Language: English
    Disclaimer: This course does not teach or replace aquatic or underwater training.