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Hire a Mermaid Performer

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*For last minute booking (7 days or less) please call 1-866-279-2767 to confirm availability.
Rate: $250 / hour / mermaid

Entertain your friends, guests, and clients at your next event! When you hire a mermaid entertainer, a professional and mystical mermaid will come to your event to swim, interact with your guests and make a splash with their realistic mermaid tail. 

{For a party rental with tails & fins for each participant, please see our Mermaid Class Party}

MERMAID PERFORMER: We have a wide variety of mermaids with different styles and looks. We also have mermen available for hire! Each mermaid has their unique look and costume colours. You may not have the same mermaid as in the photos, but we guarantee a beautiful and bubbly mermaid. Let us know if you have any special requests for costume colours or if you are only looking for the Little Mermaid Ariel character look. 

PERFORMANCE: The mermaid performer will swim gracefully and pose for photos with your guests. *For kids' events the mermaid will actively interact and lead games with the kids. See the activity list below.

RATE: $250 per mermaid per hour.

*Travel fee will be added if the location of the event is more than 20 miles from the performer. The travel fee invoice will be sent separately following verification of the location of the venue.

KIDS EVENT: Birthday party, pool party, baby showers, library entertainment...

ADULT EVENT: Pool openings, weddings, real estate showing, product launch, pool party. *Let us know if you have any special requests for the mermaid for example to showcase a product or serve drinks...

POOL VENUE: Our team is mobile and will travel to the pool of your choice. We perform at private, public and/or condo pools.  If you book a room at a hotel, we can also offer the activity at the hotel pool with the management permission.

*If you don't have a pool you can check It is a great platform for booking a pool by the hour.  

DRY VENUE: If you don't have a pool we can also offer a dry party performer. Our mermaids are flexible and adaptable according to your needs. She can sit on a chair, couch, floor, in the bathtub or on the poolside. 

*We do not provide a giant seashell float for mermaids to sit on but you can purchase one here

POOL PARTY ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS 1-5yo: here is a list of activities

  • Sing-alongs such as “Happy Birthday” or interactive songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or “Baby shark.”
  • Stories of mermaid adventures in the sea
  • Bubble play
  • Mermaid swimming demonstration, tail splash, hair flip, spins, handstand...
  • Follow the chief/Simon says (copy the movement the instructor is doing)
  • Ride a Mermaid (the kid sit on the mermaid back while she swims)
  • Shell diving

POOL PARTY ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS 6-12yo: here is a list of activities

  • Mini mermaid swim lesson   
  • Swim through a hula-hoop 
  • Swim with a partner (holding hands, holding the tail)    
  • Treasure hunt (kids retrieve sinking toy at the bottom of the pool)
  • Friendly competitions (races & variety of movements)
  • Practising front and back flips, handstands
  • Teach how to do underwater bubble rings and bubble heart kisses
  • Teach the mermaid tail splash, make a splash with you fin when you dive
  • Do mermaid high five (clap your fin with kids’ feet)
  • The Shark (someone pretends to be a shark while the mermaid/kids must cross the pool without the shark touching them)
  • Tell a secret underwater to the kids and see if they can guess what you said
  • Mermaid limbo, where kids swim under mermaid tail


  • Sing-alongs such as “Happy Birthday”, or interactive songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or “Baby shark.”
  • Stories of mermaid adventures in the sea
  • Mini makeovers (nail polish, glitter tattoos, face gems...)
  • Bubble play
  • Cake cutting
  • Photos, Autographs. 

* We invite the host to put together a treasure chest for the kids to explore with the mermaids. It can include: coins, bead necklaces, flower headpieces, shells, rings and candy in a box. You can find a lot of good things at the dollar store.

WHEN SHOULD I BOOK: We recommend booking 1 month in advance. The earlier you book the better. 

THE COMPANY: Aquamermaid is a national company booking local performers all over the United States and Canada. We have over 300 performers working with us and have been offering mermaid services since 2015.


  • Make sure to read our full policies. They include everything related to payment, cancellation, rescheduling, parent supervision, expectations, liability, insurances...
  • The pool temperature should ideally be at 90°F/ 32°C the warmer the better. Or at a minimum or 84°F/ 28°C for the mermaid to be able to perform properly and safely. If the pool is at a lower temperature the mermaid may not be able to stay the entire event in the pool and will sit on the pool deck for photos instead.  
  • We require assistance in supervising children. Mermaids are not lifeguards or babysitters. We engage as many children in activities as possible, but cannot force children to remain engaged, in the pool, etc. We request that children who are poor swimmers be placed in life vests, waterwings, or other flotation devices for the duration of the event. Children tend to follow our mermaids around in pools with disregard to depth of water and their own swimming ability, which is a safety concern.
  • Plan the mermaid arrival. 15 minutes before the beginning of your event your mermaid will contact you by phone or text. Either a strong person from your group can carry her to the pool deck, or she must be given the ability to walk to the pool and change without guests being present. After the change occurs (5-10 minutes), guests may enter the room/yard. At the end it will be the same process where guests must then be ushered out of the room for the mermaid to change into “human legs” and walk out of the facility. Once the mermaid is in costume she cannot walk anymore. 
  • Your performer should be tipped for a job well done. 

We’re looking forward to bringing some magical entertainment to your event!

You can also contact us: or 1-866-279-2767