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Mermaid Drawing

Hello, merfolks of all kinds! We hope you’re feeling fishy fine today! Have you ever been interested in drawing yourself as a mermaid? It’s a great idea for helping you imagine future tails or just strengthen some of your creativity! Check out our guides here today! 

Easy Mermaid Drawing: 

If you’re starting from the very beginning steps, a great way to practice drawing is to trace! Tracing helps train your hands and yourself in the motions. A lot of silicone mermaid tail creators actually give you an outline of a tail or you to color in and customize what colors you want - a perfect template to practice tracing and coloring, too! 

Here are just a few samples from the Aquamermaid tails designs: 

Aquamermaid silicone tail design outline drawing outline canva

Aquamermaid silicone tail design outline drawing outline canvas mermaid top

Aquamermaid silicone tail design outline drawing outline canvas detailed fairy dragon

We also recommend printing out a picture of a mermaid you like - real or fictional! The iconic Disney Mermaid Princess Ariel has a great simplistic design that is not only easy to trace but super fun! Check out this stencil we found just on a simple Google Search! 

the little mermaid Ariel stencilmermaid stencil one line design easy drawing

After you get used to tracing, a great next step is sketching. Sketch is a purposefully messy type of drawing, focusing on loose gentle lines scratched together to create a form. 

Sketch by KanyMon on DeviantArt: 

Kanyon Moon Mermaid Sketch

This is the beginning stage, the first draft of your art. Let it be a little weird looking! It takes time to practice drawing skills. This is the stage made for mistakes. We encourage you to practice with different tail designs, hair, body proportions, and more! If you’re still feeling iffy, try using some of your old tracing models as references, like Mertailor’s amazing fluke designs! References are images artists copy without tracing. Just use your eyes to follow lines, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is! 

Here’s a few little tutorials from some awesome artists we recommend you follow! 

Tatyana Deniz:

Tatyana Deniz How To Draw a mermaid tail

How to Draw Funny Cartoons:

How to draw a cartoon funny mermaid

If you’re still struggling, there’s always the beautiful drawing books and guides out there to help you out; like this one by Lulo Mayo! Check out your local bookstores today!

How to Draw a Mermaid Lulu Mayo

How to Draw Realistic Mermaids:  

A great idea is to use circles and lines to give yourself an outline to follow. Mermaid anatomy will forever be debated, however in drawing work it’s easiest to imagine at the very least a spine leading into the tail. Depending on the pose you would like your mermaid to be in, you can bend your line whatever way you wish! For beginners, start with a simple small bend - like you see here in a guide by artist Stepan Ayvazyan:

Steven's Mermaid Sketch

Once you have these guidelines, you can follow them to give your mermaid some proportions! Keep your sketching in mind - don’t be afraid to use multiple lines to find the perfect shape! 

Remember, you won’t get it right on the first try. Don’t give up! With time and practice, it’ll become second nature to doodle mermaids everywhere you go! A great bit of inspiration is watching some artists on Youtube! 

Digitally painting a Mermaid! - Time Lapse Illustration

Speed Drawing Mermaid Barbie

How to Draw Barbie Mermaid Chibi

Remember mers, it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself! You may find you like coloring more than creating, or you may even start selling your works! At the end of it all, have fun! 

List of mermaid style you can learn how to draw with the link to the full tutorial

How to draw a mermaid cartoon step by step 

how to draw a mermaid tutorial step by step beginner easy

How to draw mermaid outline cartoon easy tutorial

How to Draw a Mermaid diagram step by step

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