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Modern Mermaids in 2022

Are Mermaids real in 2022? Yes and no! Well, you could say that they haven’t been found yet but until then, learn about some fun alternatives to the real deal! 

Table of Content:
  1. Starbucks
  2. Sea Bajau
  3. Mermaid Training


1. Starbucks

Starbucks coffee logo

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I decided to write about Starbucks in a mermaid post! No, you’re not on the wrong page! Read on to know more…

How many people visit Starbucks around the world? More than 100 million! No doubt customers enjoy a good cup of Joe, but how many wonder about the intriguing logo on their cups?

Have you wondered why a coffee company has such a logo? Well, allow me. The logo is that of a siren ( I hope you’ve read my other related post. ie: Global Stories and Variations.) I’ll assume that you have for now. So, let’s go to the origins of the name and logo and their “fishy” beginnings…

The name ‘Starbucks’ is derived from the beloved classic Moby Dick. In the book, a mariner named Starbuck is the first mate on the famous ship ‘Pequod.’ Co-founder Bowker and his friend Heckler choose his name as the name of their new coffee company.


Apparently, it sounded just right and matched their search for names starting with ‘st’, supposed to be strong words. 

There was a debate between Pequod and Starbuck and the latter won the toss. It invoked and reminded people of the nautical traditions of the early coffee merchants.

 Starbucks coffee cup in coffee grounds

Now onto the logo. As I told you before, the logo is a twin-tailed Nordic siren, and like a classic siren, she lures customers to… delicious coffee. She is also rumored to have enchanted the Starbucks team which is why they chose her.

Coffee and the sea share similar characteristics: addictive and irresistible. So I’d say it was a perfect name!

Also, and I’m not sure about this piece of info, I believe that the logo of a siren reflected the alluring Seattle waterfront.


2. The Sea Bajau

Sea Bajau hut in water in front of mountain

They seem to be as comfortable underwater, as we are on land and are one of the best divers in the world. The Bajau live in boats on the water and use hunting equipment like spears to catch fish by holding their breath for up to 13 minutes at a time!

I remember watching a documentary about them on NatGeo and was fascinated by how weak a normal man’s ability to hold their breath is compared to these “Mermaids.”

The people continue their traditions and customs and live off the waters. They are a possible connection to how humans can live in water and thrive. The sea people can dive to depths greater than 200ft and this is partly due to exercising the mind and body.  Plus, according to research conducted, their spleens have biologically evolved (over thousands of years.)

Sea Bajau hut in front of mountain

Now I’m no doctor so I can’t tell you exactly how and why, but I do know that the spleen is important in the supply of oxygen throughout the body. A BIG spleen= greater breath-holding ability underwater.

If people who exist even today, have changed their bodies to be able to survive at least for a time underwater, who’s to say that we haven’t evolved from mermaids? 

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Are Mermaids Real? Kind of!

3 people from Malaysia in a blue boat

In Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, live the Bajau tribe who are seafaring people.They are famously called ‘Sea Gypsies,’ ‘Sea Nomads,’ and I’ll tell you why!

I’ve included them in this list because even today, these amazing people use their skills to thrive on and under the waters. However, they are a bit different than normal folk, primarily because their bodies have adapted and modified to a life at sea.

It enables them to hold a record-breaking breath underwater longer than most humans could imagine. 


3. Modern mermaid training

8 mermaids swimming underwater / mermaid lesson

What would you say if I told you that you could learn to be a full-fledged mermaid today? (fashioned with a tail and all?)

That’s right! In many countries, mermaid schools teach you to swim with a tail and train you to hold your breath underwater just like a ‘real’ mermaid! ( or siren depending on your personality.)

Now, these schools can be for new mermaids ( AKA Beginners) or even train you to become a professional one!

Yes, did you know that working as a professional mermaid is a profession? How do you think you find mermaids in the biggest aquariums and shows? They also work as models and swimming instructors.

5 mermaids underwater smiling at the camera / mermaid lesson

But don’t be fooled. As exciting and fun as it seems, “Mermaiding” takes work. You can’t just get up one day, pull on your tail and jump into the water.

It takes time and patience to learn to control and hold your breath. Not to mention, familiarise yourself with one lower limb as well as work on some serious core strength! ( I mean, know we know how Ariel got that tiny waist!)

Anyway, back to the point, you can check out different mermaid schools if you’re interested, or click on the link below Aquamermaid school

Now you know where to look for mermaids and how to be one too!

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