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Siren Mythical Creature

Sirens; the dark, edgy sisters of mermaids. Sirens are considered to be evil creatures who live in the sea. Generally, they are depicted as beautiful women with the tails of fish, but they can also be shown as scary, humanoid creatures with sharp teeth for tearing apart humans. Sirens are known for luring in sailors with their enchanting songs and then killing them.


Sirens are abundant throughout literature, mythology, art, and media, as the human race is mystified by stories of the deadly, enchanting creatures. Many questions are pondered on the idea of sirens. Sirens are mysterious in nature and less popular than their counterpart, the mermaid. Based on stories, shows, movies, and mythology, there is some information that can be garnered about sirens.

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Are sirens real?

Are sirens and mermaids the same?

Are sirens evil?

How sirens kill

Are sirens Greek mythology?

Can sirens turn into humans?

Siren movies

Siren tv show

Siren music

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Are sirens real?

There is no evidence to suggest that sirens are real. Sirens are creatures of legend and mythology. Sirens originate from Greek mythology.

There have been reports of siren-like creatures but there is no solid proof to substantiate these claims. There have also been many hoaxes of supposed siren or mermaid bodies, but these have all been debunked.

The mockumentary “Mermaids: The Body Found” gives an account of mermaids that look more like evil creatures, such as sirens. However, the footage is all fake.

It is unlikely that sirens exist. There have only been accounts of mermaids, and most of those are assumed to have been manatees mistaken for mermaids.

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Are sirens and mermaids the same?

‘Mermaid’ and ‘siren’ are often used interchangeably, but there is actually a distinction between the two, according to legend and literature.

Mermaids are half fish, half women who live in the ocean and are typically harmless. Sirens are like evil mermaids. They come in different forms depending on the interpretation, but generally sirens are depicted in the form of a mermaid.

Sirens are known for singing enchanting songs to lure sailors to their death. Mermaids are generally good natured. Mermaids are more known for lounging around on beaches and rocks, combing their hair, and singing pretty songs with their pod.

Siren on the beach shore dark evil myth

Are sirens evil?

Sirens are considered to be evil. Stories tell of sirens who sing to the sailors and put them into a trance so they can kill them.

One could argue that sirens are not evil, that they are simply biologically programmed to kill, similar to animals who kill other animals or humans.

To answer the question of whether or not sirens are evil, you first must define what is evil. Evil is defined as “profoundly immoral and wicked.” What distinguishes between evil and nature? Animals kill humans all the time, but when humans kill humans, it is considered evil. Is it the awareness of right and wrong that enables one to be evil? Sirens are not humans after all, so they don’t have the same set of morals as we do.

It is up to interpretation whether or not sirens are evil or if they just do what comes natural to them.

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How do sirens kill?

There are several ways sirens kill. A combination of their haunting song and their stunning looks causes sailors to be enticed to go to them. The sailors will jump into the water to go after the siren, where they will either be dragged to the bottom of the sea or eaten by the sirens.

Sirens were also known to lure sailors’ ships into rocks, causing them to crash and perish.

The Sirens of Greek Mythology half bird half women

Are sirens Greek mythology?

The sirens we think of today are a variation of mermaids, but according to Greek mythology they are half woman, half bird. 

Sirens are mentioned in Homer’s The Odyssey. An island near Scylla and Charybdis is where the sirens lived. They would await ships and sing their song to bring death upon sailors. The hero Odysseus managed to pass through siren territory unscathed by having his crew stuff their ears with wax. However, he wanted to hear the song of the siren so he had himself tied to the ship’s mast so he wouldn’t be able to give in to the sirens’ songs.

Sirens were depicted on Greek pottery and paintings, commemorating the story of Odysseus.

This passage from thoroughly explains the appearance of Greek sirens.

Homer doesn’t describe the Sirens’ physical appearance in his epic poem, Wilson says. But in ceramic paintings and tomb sculptures from the time of writing, and centuries after, Sirens were usually depicted with taloned feet, feathered wings, and a beautiful human face.”

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Can sirens turn into humans?

Shapeshifting is a common power attributed to sirens. According to film and television, sirens can transform into humans. This is shown in the tv show Siren and the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The siren ability to become human is really a creative nuance that depends on the person writing or telling the story. Sirens are depicted differently through all different mediums.

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Siren tv show

Freeform came out with the show Siren on March 29, 2018. It won over the hearts of mermaid lovers but was unfortunately canceled after three seasons.

The show takes place in an ocean side town with a history of interest in mermaids. A siren named Ryn searches for her lost sister. Two marine biologists attempt to help her find her sister. The show can be dark and gory but is nonetheless entertaining for most viewers.

Ryn can transform into a human when she exits the water, but she has a striking, otherworldly look to her, with her piercing eyes and pointed facial features. When she is in her siren form, she has a long grey tail with spikey fins, and she has sharp teeth and webbed fingers.

Mermaid movie TV show siren killer mermaid body found she creature

Siren movies

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Stranger Tides- In their quest to find the fountain of youth, a crew of pirates face off with deadly sirens as they attempt to capture one. While they call them mermaids in the movie, they really resemble sirens in their murderous nature. Before the violence begins, one siren appears before the men and mesmerizes them with the song “Jolly Sailor Bold.” Once the song concludes she reveals her fangs and lunges. Chaos ensues as the men fight off sirens. The pirates manage to capture one named Syrena, but one of the men falls in love with her. He helps her escape, and in return she kisses him, which, according to legend, grants one the ability to breathe underwater. She then drags him underwater and his fate is unknown.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas- In this animated feature by Dreamworks, a thieving mariner named Sinbad goes on a voyage across the sea to retrieve the Book of Peace, after a goddess frames him. Aboard his ship is a crew of men along with one headstrong woman, whom he clashes with throughout the plot. They all face many perils, including sirens. The sirens in this movie are more like spirits, and the scene they are featured in is quite eerie, especially with the spooky siren song that plays. The men become entranced and try to throw themselves overboard, and the unenchanted female passenger is stuck rescuing them.

She creature- In this horror film, a couple discover a man in possession of a mermaid. They steal the mermaid from him with the intent of bringing her to America to be a carnival attraction. But the seemingly beautiful mermaid begins to wreak havoc upon the ship as she reveals her magic and becomes dangerous, eventually showing her terrifying true form.

Killer Mermaid- The horror film Killer Mermaid recounts the story of two American women on a trip in the Mediterranean who have their vacation disrupted after encountering a deadly and monstrous mermaid-like creature. After stumbling upon the watery underground lair of a ferocious mermaid, they end up in a fight for survival.

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Siren music

The song of a siren is a hauntingly beautiful sound. Their song has the sound of a powerful female vocalist with lots of “oohs” and “ahhs,” similar to opera. Siren music often has an echoey sound to it.

Sirens also sing lullabies and sea shanties. The sirens in Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 sing “Jolly Sailor Bold,” which is a song that was sung by pirates in the 17-1800’s.


Little is known about sirens. What is known is that they are female hybrids with a penchant for killing male sailors. The rest is up to interpretation. Whether or not they can become human, how they kill, and if they are evil are questions that cannot be answered with 100% certainty. Sirens come in all different forms depending on the legend, film, story, piece of art, or show. Hopefully this article dispelled some of the mystery behind the enchanting creatures.





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