Mermaid Tail Rental

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Email us the following informations:  

- Date: when you need the tail(s) (We offer daily or weekly rentals )
- Location: City 
- What is your project (photo, video, will the tail be used in the water...)
- Measurement of the mermaid/merman: waist, hip and shoe size.
- Special look or color you are looking for 


Looking for a realistic mermaid tail for your next production, photoshoot, or just want to become a mermaid for a day? Our rental line include of a variety of size and material options including: full silicone, sequins and neoprene fabric tails. 

Our tails are swimmable and have an integrated swimming fin inside. They offer a sensationally realistic appearance and feel.


Our mermaid tails rent for $1500.00/week (5 days). Plus shipping fees. We guaranty the tail in your possession for 5 days and the time of for shipping will be before and after your rental. 

24 hour/daily rentals are available for local residents and/or visitors for use in the city where the tail is located. We have tails available in many cities. Check photos to see their location. 

The rate for daily rentals is $600.00/day (24 hours). This rentals require personal pickup and return by renting party. Daily rate is not available for tails requiring out of town shipment. Weekly minimums apply, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

A deposit of $2000 will be held on your credit until tails are returned. 

IMPORTANT: It is important that you confirm that your measurements fall within the parameters of the measurements stated for each tail.  Rental tails cannot be modified or altered to fit.  Aquamermaid is not responsible for rentals that do not fit. Rental agreements are final and not refundable once renting party has taken possession of tail(s) or once tail(s) have been shipped.

VERY IMPORTANT: Our rental tail line is comprised of our highest end products with retail values starting at $2000. Renting party is responsible for care of product during rental period and will be responsible for loss or damage based on value. A security deposit may be required. Weighing in at 30-45 pounds, depending on configuration, these tails fit tight and can present a challenge to get in and out of. They are not for use by children or inexperienced swimmers.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the product and cleaning required, we do not permit full silicone tails to be tried before the rental.




MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA. Aquamermaid Purple Silicone Mermaid Tail Model on the photos : waist 27", hips37", shoe women 6-9 us, height 5'9. Fully swimmable.

Purple mermaid tail silicone montreal rental


MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA. waist 32", hips37", length of the legs from waist to floor 42'', shoe women 6-9 us,. Fully swimmable. 

blue gold silicone mermaid tail for rental see through sea


MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA. Model on the photos : waist 32", hips 35", length of the legs from waist to floor 42'', shoe women 6-9 us,. Fully swimmable.

Pink purple silicone mermaid tail mernation

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA. Moonstone Mythic mermaid tail from Finfolk. Size Small, Fully swimmable. Measurements: waist 28'', hips 38'', length from top of tail to ankle 37'', Monofin finis foil Medium (US female 9.5-11)

Moonstone mythic mermaid tail silver finfolk shinny sparkly


Mermaid dominique silicone mermaid tail rental Los Angeles green yellow pink
MIAMI, FLORIDA,USA  Fully swimmable.
Pink silicone mermaid tail miami gold rental event


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA,USA Model on the photo Waist 27” but tail should fit 25-30 (maybe 32”), hight 5’4 with long legs. Fully swimmable.

Mermaid tail for rental pink silicone mermaid tail mertailor

blue mermaid tail rental Los Angeles mertailor
green mermaid tail rental Los Angeles mertailor Ariel little mermaid

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA. Ariel Mermaid tail size : waist 27'', hips37"shoe women 6-9 us, height 5'9. Fully swimmable.

Little mermaid tail rental Ariel montreal realistic costume

Pink mermaid tail silicone for rent montreal


MIAMI, FLORIDA. waist27", hips34", shoe 7, fully swimmable

Gold silicone mermaid tail orlando florida rental


 HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA Fully swimmable.

silicone mermaid tail rainbow rental houston realistic


Victoria red silicone mermaid tail

Victoria white silicone mermaid tail mertailor

NEW YORK, USA. fits between height 5ft 2 - 5ft 3 Waist size 28 - 38 inches Shoe size 4 - 7 1/2

Red silicone mermaid tail new york Nicole oliva 

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA. Size US 4-6, waist 28-34in, shoe women 6-9 us, waist to floor lenght between 35-50in. Fully swimmable.

Jade Neptune Elite Mermaid Tail finfun blue yellow